What We Do

RMO PR leverages and integrates all the tools we have in order to create success for your company. We excel in acquiring earned media, social media, and branding for our clients.

We understand and are in touch with New England culture, and how New Englander’s see themselves as well as those who are not living in the New England area. We have been strategic in cultivating a unique visual experience that is respected locally and internationally, and their reputation is held in high regard.

This agency is also unique in the fact that it is intimately involved with their clients on all levels, personally and professionally and will not take on a client or business that they would not personally be a patron or user of.

Our diverse blend of clients from restaurants to construction management and national clients, provides us real world, on the ground feedback to ideas before people have a preconceived notion on what a product is. This allows us to craft and modify messaging quickly, should perceptions or conditions change.

Strategic Counsel

This requires innovative strategies that ultimately meet your brand objectives and goals. We will brainstorm to create the perfect brand appearance and also do brand analysis. In doing so, this creates tangible and measurable success metrics for you and your company.

innovative strategies that meet brand objectives
branding sessions
competative brand analysis
360 intergrated PR and digital campaigns
strategic ad buys
valuable ongoing counsel

Media Relations

We seek to foster relationships with publicity outlets that will benefit you and your brand.

Having us work with journalist cuts the work in half for you. We make it easy to get your story out there, the right way.

feature coverage
corporate communications
crisis/issue management
media training
results tracking and analysis

Digital & Social Media

Your social media platforms are an extension of your brand. The perfect combination of traditional PR with content marketing, social media and search. It is the reinvention of static news to conversational news and media. It speaks directly to your desired audience. Instead of only sharing your story or product with one news outlet it reaches a broad variety.

innovative and targeted online campaigns
social media platform development and community management
social media audits
influencer/ tastemaker engagement programs
promotion/contest creation and execution
live/event-based social media engagement
website and blog content development
digital media ad buys and mobile marketing
search engine optimization
social media analytics and reporting
user-generated content (UGC) campaigns

Event Management

For every event, it is important to consult with us first during the early stages of planning. We will help you realize your goals and objectives, the strategies you want to use and achieve them in the best way possible in order to reach your target audiences.

media events and launches from concept to execution
red carpet on-site talent management
cause-related and charitable fundraiser
high-profile and large-scale event productions

Influencer Relations

This is where the crossroad between public relations and social media connects. Social media influencers are users, everyday people who have a substantial media following which helps us, and you reach a massive audience. This is the power to persuade others by using an influencers creditability.

artist management
celebrity engagement
brand ambassador and social media influencer programs

Strategic Partnerships

We curate carefully calculated relationships with businesses, organizations, and individuals in order to work together towards the same goal, for you.

on premise engagement
B2B marketing
event sponsorship
charitable partnerships
collaborations and co-branding

Creative Services

This is where we brainstorm and turn amazing ideas into reality. We will help you design anything needed. We will help you write the perfect description or copy needed. This is a crucial aspect of marketing so it is important that everything is perfect.

visual branding and logo design
media materials, press kits, and trend reports
event collateral: e-vites, invites, signage
photography and video production
web design and social media creative

Writing Services

We will help you increase the effectiveness of your writing. Whether it be a press release, website language, personal pitches, media material, we will ensure it is perfect and reaches the right audiences.

press releases and media advisories
email marketing
speech writing
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