RMO PR truly and organically has a pulse on what is happening in and outside the community, because they live in it, they listen, and they are vested.

Rosanna Ortiz

Rosanna M. Ortiz is a highly accomplished and influential individual with a solid public relations and project management background. As the President and founder of RMO PR and the creator of Rhode Island Fashion Week, STYLEWEEK, she has made significant contributions to the fashion industry and beyond. Her success in establishing STYLEWEEK as a premier regional fashion event and her work with various organizations and projects demonstrate her leadership and expertise.

Rosanna’s diverse career path, from her beginnings in Washington D.C. to her current endeavors in Providence, showcases her versatility and determination. Her initiatives, such as the “Mask Up RI” social media campaign and her involvement in the Newport Preservation Society’s Pierre Cardin retrospective fashion show, highlight her commitment to positively impacting the community.

Furthermore, her recognition as one of the “Eleven to Watch” by the Providence Journal, inclusion in the “40 under 40” list in PBN, and acknowledgment as one of the most influential people in Rhode Island by RI Monthly Magazine all attest to her outstanding achievements and influence in the industry.

Overall, Rosanna Ortiz’s professional journey exemplifies her dedication to excellence, creativity, and making a difference in community and public relations.

The Team

Kelsey O'Connor
Account Director

Kelsey grew up in Massachusetts and graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island with a B.S. in Hospitality - Sports, Entertainment & Event Management. She began her career with RMOPR in 2016 as Rosanna’s Account Executive and has since grown into the role of Account Director. Her background is in Hospitality, Public Relations, Marketing & Real Estate.

Kelsey is passionate about building strong relationships and helping her clients increase brand awareness through meaningful PR tools.

Abigail E. Ahlborg “Abby"
Abigail E. Ahlborg “Abby"
Executive Assistant to the CEO

Abby grew up in Rhode Island and moved to different areas. Coming from a business family, she quickly developed a strong sense of independence. Abby is responsible for managing some of the company’s social media accounts, creating engaging content, and promoting meaningful interactions with the audience. With a background in styling and construction, Abby brings a unique perspective to her role, infusing her work with creativity and innovation. Her experience in these fields equips her with a comprehensive understanding of aesthetic principles and project management, enabling her to approach challenges with ingenuity and resourcefulness.

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